Everyday, you try to reach from Self (A) to Self (B)
You wake up as Self (A)
trying to go bed as Self (B)
dreaming for a Self (Z)
until your game is over

Curiosity being your driver
Hoping […]


Anything, you hold on to, will drag you to hell
Everything, you let free, pulls you to heaven
If you don’t believe me, watch your breath
Every time you feel bad, you keep your breath a […]

Bet of Life

My soul is a runner
My mind is the catcher
There is a bet on my life
If the soul wins, I am free
If the mind wins, the game starts over

Run Forrest run, we like you
We […]


A mind suspects everything
Even its own existence is in question
It needs proofs to be satisfied
Begs for rational success
that will gain tags to live within
Clever, brilliant, genius, innovative…
Some words to win ego scrabble

A mind […]


People wear masks not to scare you
Because for average people
It’s scary to see their own faces everywhere
It takes time to adopt
And mirrors serve as orientation tools

Your job is to adopt and realize
That it […]


You are a kid in the playground
Surrounded by kids you don’t like
The game is easy
If you succeed to love them all,
You are allowed to go home
If you fail,
You are grounded to keep […]