The dark and light coexist within you
They don’t compete but complete
There is no separation…
A separation is present only if the pieces can exist independently
How can light exist without dark?

You are not separated
Maybe in denial…
Denial creates resistance
And resistance is a waste of time
You think you are in war with your dark
Remember, war is darkness
And darkness in darkness equals darkness

You are just postponing your light
And you call it depression
Then you take anti-depression
Another war begins
Your hormones fighting chemicals

Who taught you dark is bad?
Question your beliefs, not your abilities
And surrender…
Whoever taught you dark is bad, also taught you surrender is weakness
Acceptance and allowing is strength
Denial and war is weakness
Yet again, they coexist within you
Can strength exist without weakness?

Opposite ends attract each other
Creating an energy
That energy is you!