Anything, you hold on to, will drag you to hell
Everything, you let free, pulls you to heaven
If you don’t believe me, watch your breath
Every time you feel bad, you keep your breath a prisoner
Every time you enjoy life, your inhales make love to your exhales
That’s the way with everything
So stop telling her/him you belong to each other
And start respiring love
Every time you inhale each other, aim for the ultimate freedom that any exhale can offer
That’s called an ever lasting love
Because no captivity lasts forever
If you don’t believe me, watch your breath…

Just like love and everything else, you also need a constant journey for survival
You think you only travel when you move, that’s not true
Every breath you take is a journey
With each inhale, you step away from the who you think you are,
blend with the infinite possibilities of who you really are
And with each exhale, you return as the new you
Some more of the universe, some less of you
You fill with the universe, and the universe with you
That’s indeed rescue breathing to you from yourself

Let’s think as if every breath is a meal
A meal, you are always hungry for and ready to taste more
And always ready to let go of a piece from you in return
You exchange what your soul can not digest with its cravings
Holding on to the soul indigestibles will slowly kill you
Because you inhale as less life as the every unreleased you
If you don’t believe me, watch your breath…

Thinking it’s a self-defense
Heavy with all the you, you don’t need
You will sink deeper in the dark ocean…
Some might try to rescue you with their soul tubes
filled with what their soul needs
And it will only get you heavier…

Awaken my friend, breathing is a serious thing
It’s an every second travel to the real you, the soul
And a get away from the illusion you
Every breath is a “Hello” to the free you in infinity
And a farewell to the captive you in a body and mind
Enjoy your trip!