The last move of everything you are about to let go is to own you
Let it be a person, a title, a characteristic or an old habit
If it is meant to go, it will own you to the point you cannot breathe
Your survival will be possible only via a goodbye

That’s the beauty of life
You can be consumed like a shampoo
But not allowed to run out
Sooner or later, before your last drop
You will be awaken to a freedom you never knew existed
And it will last until your next consumption

Don’t resist the temptation of being ruled or used
It will only waste your time
Don’t let your pride blind you
It will also waste your time

Believe it, resist it, allow it or not
Lessons will come in the form of consumers
The bigger the lesson, the longer your consumption
And every consumer you let go
Will bring you closer to your ultimate goal
The reason you have come here for
A meeting with your true self

Every drop of the shampoo is an opportunity
To wash yourself from everything else but you