The world, the sun, the moon and your eyes are round for a reason
They are trying to tell you something
You are having a journey in a loop
And you have been in it for a long time now
A black hole until you decide to open your eyes
A déjà vu until you decide to meet your true self

Love yourself enough to look you in the eyes
Look long enough to realize
You are visible not only through some mirror
A universal mirror surrounds everywhere you see

Behind every mirror there is darkness
Your world has been painted darker everyday
So you have a clear enough reflection
of the light you are made of

Light bright enough to silence your mind
Allowing you to feel the love
Love strong enough to make you forget all
Because all you have known is a prison
And one day, some eyes will bail you out
So you can see
A heaven has been building by the brave men
Upon the hell trying to be maintained by the cowards